Official Relaunch! New HUB And Prison Server. Beta Testers Needed!

Its been a long time in the making but.

Its finally time to set an official relaunch date for the network
The official date for opening is 15th of October 2022 (Time TBC) However this may change due to any other issue
The server will be starting off with a launch of 4 new hubs and new prison server native in 1.19
Some of the new features include

A network levelling system. (/levels)
The new levels allow you to progress and gain cool unique rewards while playing on the network such as cosmetics, points, in game currency, arcade coins (for future minigames) and so much more.

All new points system. (/points)
The points system allows you to earn points by doing something as simple as just being logged onto the server, You can then use those points to purchase items in game such as ranks keys and most of the items available on the store for absolutely free. Some other ways to earn points are to complete quests in servers such as Prison, Skyblock and more. For every 1000 points it equals $1 on the store how ever you can not use these points on the store or transfer these points into store credits.

Playtime rewards.
To assist with earning points and level XP a new playtime reward system. for example one of the rewards is every hour you will automatically receive 100xp and 100 points
while it might not seem like much there are other rewards that are just not listed here.

New network available tags (/tags).
Another awesome thing that has been added is over 250 custom tags which currently can only be purchased on the SilverThornMC webstore. They are in progress of being added to the in game points system. but for now you can check them all out here. https://silverthornmc.buycraft.net/category/1436171 (more are still to be added over time I am also taking suggestions for more)

Beta tester rewards.
At the moment we are in need of beta testers to checkout everything before everyone else get to enjoy it. Please use the application section on the forum to apply to be a beta tester. If you are successful in becoming a beta tester you will receive 10000 in game points and a beta tag which can be applied on any server on the network. You will also be paid for any bugs you find that are not already known about at the rate listed below.
$5 PayPal or 10000 Points for a small non major game breaking bug
$10 PayPal or 15000 Points for a medium potentially major issue
$20 PayPal or 30000 Points for a large game breaking bug
Larger rewards may be up for discussing if the bug found is more severe and does not fit into any of the listed category
(SilverThornMC Network reserves the to reject any reward for any reason at any time with no prior warning)
(You must be a beta tester to get these rewards)

So you're probably sick of reading this now so have a look at some of the new shots and give your feedback on the forums


All new spawn point with crates gambling leader boards and Easter eggs.

Gambling table

Leader Boards: Top 10 players one month after full release will receive either 25000Points, $25 Buy Craft voucher or $20 PayPal (USD or AUD)

SilverThornMC Drugs a new way to make a little cash (REQUIRES CUSTOM TEXTURE PACK)

2022-09-25_20.35.54.png All new crates (REQUIRES CUSTOM TEXTURE PACK)

PVP Area

A mine

All new HUB spawn

Network based leader boards

All new mystery boxes

Information regarding the recent grief on the SilverThornMC Network Minecraft Server

As some of you may know the SilverThornMC minecraft server was compromised by a hacking group which I will not be disclosing but in case you have questions regarding it I am making this post to answer them. (Read Below)

Q. Is any of my personal data exposed?

A. No all your personal data (including IP's) (Payment information from store donations (only accessible by me and was not compromised in any way as it is running on a separate platform all together)) is only accessible by SammyBammy02, RGTube and myself.

Q. Are any of the servers resetting / being wiped due to this?

A. At this stage none of the servers are being wiped or reset as I take regular backups of the entire network at least once every month and I will be restoring to our most recent backup

Q. I received a message from a user on discord with a screenshot of the server.

A. If you haven't already block the user he is doing all this for attention.

Q. How can I be sure this won't happen again?

A. I'm going to admit it, it was my own fault as when i was testing something with the server that hosts the network I disabled something that allows people to join through and alternative Proxy and bypass our authentication and login servers allowing them to gain access to my account and grant themselves permission to grief the servers. But since this post has gone live I have re-enabled it and prevented the users from getting back in through this alternative method.

Q. I still have questions / concerns who can I contact?

A. You can contact us at multiple locations. Either by using the contact us form at the bottom, replying to this post, in the discord or via any of our emails.

Thanks for reading this and I apologise for the concern or worries that people may had

First Announcement and Huge Updates

Hey everyone,

As everyone knows the server has been in maintenance mode for the last few weeks and today is the day I am happy to announce that it is back online with all new hosting environment to help reduce the lag some of the servers had on them. With this change we have introduced a new forums system (what this is right now) 3 more hub servers and are in the process of making new servers.

You can still connect to the server using the ip play.silverthornmc.com and continue playing as normal. Should you come across any issues head over to the correct forum page and make a post and we will help you out.
If you are needing faster support you can email us directly at
official emails from the SilverThornMC Network will never
ask for your password or username if you see a phishing email please report it immediately

We always try to do our best to make playing SilverThornMC an enjoyable and smooth experience for all our players. Expect small server maintenances or tweaks in the future to reduce lag and improve server performance as a whole. We're dedicated to ensuring a fun environment for everyone to play in, and appreciate your understanding as we do this.

if you have ideas for the server or future ideas that should be implimented into SilverThornMC please create a thread in the suggestions section with what you would like and that is where the community and staff can give you feedback about your idea!

If you have found ANY bugs (duplication glitches, anticheat bypasses, swear filter bypass, spam bypass, ETC) please create a thread here so we can fix it as soon as possible. Please make sure you either explain in detail or have a video showing how the bug occurs so that we can find out exactly how to replicate i and make sure it is 100% fixed.

We are also still accepting for builder, Youtuber, and Staff
Please visit the appropriate section for each of the applications

Enjoy and happing minecrafting

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