Builder Applications Format

You must use this format when making an application and must answer all questions.

Please copy and paste all the questions into your own thread and answer the questions there.


1) What is your Minecraft username?



2) How old are you?



3) What is your discord username and #?



4) Do you have any previous server building experience?



5) If you answered yes, what where the servers called?



6) What style of building have you built in?



7) How many hours a week can you dedicate to building per week?



8) Please provide a portfolio of your previous builds. Use imgur or another hosting site to post your screenshots. Do not upload the photos directly to this forum as it will result in instant denial. Default with no shaders is preferable.



9) Do you have any experience with building tools such as world edit? If so, how much?



10) Any additional information you'd like us to know about?



By pressing the submit button I agree that asking about the status of my application will be instantly denied, I also agree that my application may be rejected for any reason and I will not fight back for any reason. I am aware that fighting back against my application will result in punishment and a ban from making staff applications on the SilverThornMC Network in the future.