Beta Applications Format

You must use this format when making an application and must answer all questions. Other people can not see your answers but do not post private information such as address

Please copy and paste all the questions into your own thread and answer the questions there.

1) What is your Minecraft IGN?

2) How old are you?

3) Do you have a working Microphone that you can use? (Whilst this is not required it is a consideration that will take place)

4) Why do you want to be on the SilverThornMC Beta Team?

5) What is your Discord?

6) Are you willing to report every bug large or small you find even after the beta season is over?


7) What timezone are you in?

8) Have you ever been banned or muted on the server? If so, Why? (DO NOT INCLUDE TROLL BANS, MUTES OR KICKS)


9) When did you first join SilverThornMC (We can look this up)


By pressing the submit button I agree that asking about the status of my application will be instantly denied, I also agree that my application may be rejected for any reason and I will not fight back for any reason. I am aware that fighting back against my application will result in punishment and a ban from making any applications on the SilverThornMC Network in the future.