Discord Appeal Format

This is the required format you must use when making an appeal for a punishment you received on the SilverThornMC Network Discord Server. Not using this format will result in instant denial of the appeal and you will need to make another appeal.

1) Minecraft Username.



2) List any Discord accounts of siblings who use the SilverThornMC Discord server or alts you may have.



3) What type of punishment did you receive? (Ban, Mute, Warning ETC)



4) What is the approximate date of your punishment?



5) What were you punished for?



6) Which member of staff did you receive the punishment from?



7) Please upload a screenshot of the punishment (if possible)



8) Explain in as much detail as possible what you were doing at the time that you think could have attributed to your punishment




By submitting my appeal, I accept that my punishment was unjustified and that I was not in violation of any of the discord server rules. I also accept that if I ask about the status of my appeal my punishment may be extended and/or instantly denied no questions asked and you will be required to make another appeal.