Staff Applications Format

You must use this format when making an application and must answer all questions. Other people can not see your answers but do not post private information such as address

Please copy and paste all the questions into your own thread and answer the questions there.

1) What is your Minecraft IGN?

2) How old are you?

3) Do you have a working Microphone that you can use? (This is essential for being staff)

4) Why do you want to be on the SilverThorn MC Staff Team?

5) What is your Skype and Discord?

6) How much time a week are you willing to dedicate to the server as a staff member? What times?


7) What timezone are you in?

8) Have you ever been banned or muted on the server? If so, Why? (DO NOT INCLUDE TROLL BANS, MUTES OR KICKS)


9) How long have you been part of our server and what inspired you to apply for a position on the SilverThornMC Staff team


The following question are possible situations that could arise while being Staff on the server. answer them to the best of your knowledge. If you are afraid you don't know the answer put whatever answer you would think fits the question best! Good luck!

Scenairo 1) You were given OP to help work on a project for the server. You start to see alerts of a player hacking. You haven't been given permission to ban members. What would you do?


Scenairo 2) You see that Lwccb, SammyBammy02 or RgTube are online and are in Vanish. Players start asking you if they are online because they want to talk to them. What would you do?


Scenairo 3) A friend of yours died and is asking that you replace the items lost. You have the power to. What should you do?


Scenairo 4) You see that another member of Staff has been abusing their powers. What should you do?


Scenairo 5) A player claims to have a hacked client on. How do you proceed?


By pressing the submit button I agree that asking about the status of my application will be instantly denied, I also agree that my application may be rejected for any reason and I will not fight back for any reason. I am aware that fighting back against my application will result in punishment and a ban from making staff applications on the SilverThornMC Network in the future.