Important Information regarding the recent grief on the SilverThornMC Network Minecraft Server


As some of you may know the SilverThornMC minecraft server was compromised by a hacking group which I will not be disclosing but in case you have questions regarding it I am making this post to answer them. (Read Below)

Q. Is any of my personal data exposed?

A. No all your personal data (including IP's) (Payment information from store donations (only accessible by me and was not compromised in any way as it is running on a separate platform all together)) is only accessible by SammyBammy02, RGTube and myself.

Q. Are any of the servers resetting / being wiped due to this?

A. At this stage none of the servers are being wiped or reset as I take regular backups of the entire network at least once every month and I will be restoring to our most recent backup

Q. I received a message from a user on discord with a screenshot of the server.

A. If you haven't already block the user he is doing all this for attention.

Q. How can I be sure this won't happen again?

A. I'm going to admit it, it was my own fault as when i was testing something with the server that hosts the network I disabled something that allows people to join through and alternative Proxy and bypass our authentication and login servers allowing them to gain access to my account and grant themselves permission to grief the servers. But since this post has gone live I have re-enabled it and prevented the users from getting back in through this alternative method.

Q. I still have questions / concerns who can I contact?

A. You can contact us at multiple locations. Either by using the contact us form at the bottom, replying to this post, in the discord or via any of our emails.

Thanks for reading this and I apologise for the concern or worries that people may had