Skyblock SilverThornMC Skyblock Guide


Welcome to SilverThornMC Skyblock! This is a guide which will help you get a smooth start and understand some of our custom mechanics and plugins.

To start an island use the command /is, you will have to choose between different types of islands: Easy, medium and hard. The difference between these 3 are the the starter items you get to start off, easy being the one with the most resources to start.
Getting started:

The first thing anyone should do on any Skyblock server is build a cobblestone generator with the lava and ice provided in your beginner chest.

- Fear not if you messed up your lava and it turned into obsidian! Right click the obsidian with your empty bucket and it will turn into lava.
- Break down the tree on your island and make sure to pick up the saplings and apples that dropped (they don’t always drop!). Once you have a sapling you should start a tree farm, to get infinite wood.
- If your water freezes, it means you spawned in a cold biome, to fix that, do /is biomes and select plains.
- You can sell what you farm and buy more things at the shop, use /shop to teleport there. Use /is to return to your island! In the shop you can buy lots of useful things including mob spawners.

The challenges:

To give you more to do on your Skyblock island you have access to challenges which will allow you to complete them and earn small rewards. To access your challenges type /is challenges. When completing these challenges, you will be give items to help you grow your island, such as spawn eggs.
To complete a challenge just click the one you want to complete in the GUI you opened using /is challenges.

Island Top:

A leaderboard a lot of people care about is /is top - this shows the value of players islands, the more valuable an island the higher on the leaderboard the player is. The value of an island is determined by which blocks and how many of them are placed within the boundaries of that players island, and the blocks gathered in the mining areas (see below) are worth a lot more than normal blocks!
To check on your island value, simply do /is level and the number will show up in green next to your name in chat.

The Mining Caves:

The mining caves are a little cave you share with others that you can pay to access, here you can find valuable ores from iron and gold to diamond and emerald. Each time you break a block it will slowly regenerate and you'll get a fresh new ore to mine!

The auction house:

The auction house is different to the shop, here players can sell items of their own for a price of their choosing for other players to buy. To sell an item, hold it and do /ah sell (price) at spawn.
To buy an item you would like simply click it and press confirm, if you have enough money the item will automatically go into your inventory and your money will be taken.


Will Skyblock reset?
Currently we have no intention of resetting skyblock but this may change.
Am I allowed to TP trap in the arena?
No, TP trapping is not allowed at all on Skyblock.
Can I scam?
Scamming is not allowed either.
Can I fly on my island?
/fly is available as a bonus from donating on the store.

Be sure to read the rules before starting your Skyblock adventure!