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*5 total warning will result in a temporary ban.

Inappropriate Content: Any content (GIFs, photos, videos, posts, threads) containing profanity, sexual references, gore, drug use or glorification, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. throughout our website will be instantly deleted. A warning or ban will be issued depending on the severity.

Post/Thread Spam: Spamming posts or threads on the forums will result in a warning.​
Double Threads: The creation of double threads will result in one of the duplicate threads being deleted. This will only be punished for if you are a repeat offender.​
Excessive Quoting: Quoting 5 or more people in one post is not allowed. Quoting lengthy posts is also not allowed (to the moderator's discretion).​
Boosting/Off Topic: Posting on your own thread or another user's thread for no reason but to boost your post count is not allowed. Posting off topic comments under a thread where they do not belong is not allowed (ex: Saying "hi i like pizza" under a thread regarding a question about a server). These will both result in a warning and post count reset.​

Bumping: Bumping your thread more than 1 time in 48 hours is not allowed and will result in a warning.

Inciting Arguments: Inciting arguments or fights with other users or staff members will result in punishment at SrMod+ decision. This includes name-calling (with harmful intent), disrespectful comments, targeting, or general malicious intent in a post or thread. The creation of a thread to debate politics or anything similar also does not have a place on the SilverThornMC Forums or website. The post or thread in question will either be deleted/locked per the staff member's decision.

Thread Hijacking: Taking over a thread, or "hijacking" it, by posting comments or content unrelated to the specific thread topic is not allowed. This mostly pertains to issues or suggestions. If you have your own suggestion or your own issue with something, please create your own thread instead of taking over someone else's.

Quality Content: We encourage our users to only post quality and meaningful content. This essentially means that we prefer users to only post content that contains some sort of value if the content is posted in a forum other than Off Topic. This also applies to features, additions, changes, or removals that you do not agree with, in the aspect of posting a suggestion with something you do not agree with so we can look into possible changes. Do not post complaints with no suggestions to improve something you don't particularly like. Toxicity of any sort is not permitted on our forums.

Harassment: The creation of a post or thread with the intent of targeting or harassing another player or staff member will result in punishment at the staff member discretion. The post or thread in question will be deleted.

Troll Applications/Appeals: The creation of troll applications or ban appeals will result in a temporary blacklist from submitting ANY applications. This means once you are blacklisted you will not be able to submit ban appeals, builder applications, or staff applications until your blacklist expires. Blacklists can not be appealed in any way shape or form either.

Punishment Evasion: If a Forums Team Member or Staff Member deletes your thread or post, removes content from a thread or post, or anything of the like, do not re-add the removed content.

Staff Impersonation: Pretending to be a staff member, whether it be forums-based or server-based, is not allowed and will result in a warning or ban depending on the severity.

Releasing Personal Information: The release of your own or another user's personal information anywhere on the website will result in an immediate ban. Joking or not, we take these types of situations very seriously.

Advertising: Advertising another server, website, application, or any non-SilverThornMC affiliated material will result in a ban or warning depending on the severity.

Threats: Any type of threat on the website (Joke or not) will result in a permanent IP ban.

Account or Money Scamming: Any intent to scam accounts, money, in-game items, or anything else will result in an instant permanent ban from all SilverThornMC related services.

Giveaway Guidelines: Giveaways must be limited to in-game items only. In-game items include items and IGC (in-game cash). Giveaways with ranks, commands, etc. are not encouraged in any way shape or form. Prohibited giveaway items are to a staff member's discretion.

Public Staff Reports: Any issues (indirect or direct) that you have with one or more staff members are not to be addressed via the forums. Please send an email to with any proof of the complaint or issue you have.

Ban Evading: If you have been forums banned on one account, do not return to our forums on another.

Spam Bumping: Posting on a thread that has not received a reply within a span of 1 month is considered spam. This is not allowed.

System Abuse: The abuse of any system we offer on our website may result in permanent denial of access from said system(s). Further abuse will result in a ban from the forums. Such systems include but are not limited to: Report Feature (Forums), Support Emails, or Applications.
Not open for further replies.